STEP Ubud Training Hotel Bali

STEP UBUD is the place for sustainable Tourism & Education. Guests of STEP UBUD will have many opportunities to interact with students of SMK Payangan School of Tourism as they undertake training in front office, guest relations, housekeeping, cooking and food & beverage. STEP UBUD Hotel is located in Ubud – Bali, just several minutes drive from our located to several interesting places such as the famous volcanic views of Mt. Batur, Ayung River, Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel, Ubud Rice Fields Terrace, Bali Bird Park, Bali Safari and Marine Park.

On July 2017, Armadillo Hotel Trainer Team was invited to come to SMK Payangan School of Tourism by Mr. Niko, one of the great teacher on SMK Payangan school. Mr. Niko said that he had knew about Armadillo Hotel System since few months earlier by searching a simple but powerful hotel system on the internet, so it makes easy to be taught to his students.

In three intensive days, Armadillo Hotel Trainer Team that was represented by Mr. Kundori and Mr. Rizal from Malang, become an instructor in SMK Payangan’s Computer Lab to present how Armadillo Hotel System works and can be used to manage a whole process in hospitality services from reservation until auto-generated financial reporting. The sessions was followed by 35 selected students from 11th grade who become a delegation, as they were expected to be a mentor for their associate in the future.

Respectively for STEP Ubud Training Hotel itself, there were 6 students that are extensively trained about standard operating procedures (SOP) which are very essential to be implemented for running a hospitality service such as in STEP Ubud Training Hotel. Moreover, most of the guest here is foreign tourist, so providing excellent services is a must.

Armadillo Hotel Integrated Front Office and Back Office System is created to become a companion for various hospitality business level. It is easy to understand, however it will not lacks of any principal features needed to run and maintain a hospitality services. It makes Armadillo Hotel System is very suitable for just a few rooms Guest House as well as a hundreds rooms Starred Hotel.

STEP Ubud Training Hotel Bali

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